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How to download twitch clips?

Just a few quick words on how our Twitch Clip Downloader operates. If you know the ways of the ninja, - no need to read this. And for the rest, - it is annoyingly easy to use to download clips from Twitch. So do you know how anything can be accessed via web browser and everything has a web address? Well, it's like basic internet knowledge... In any case, websites are accessed by their address, but pages on websites usually have longer address, hence they are called Links. And every clip can be accessed online by its own link. So we need that link for the clip you want to download. Once you have it, - it's as easy as eating a warm slice of apple pie! Or throwing a ninja star. Whatever your skill level is..

1 - Find & Open Clip on Twitch.TV

2 - Copy Clip Link to Clipboard

3 - Paste Clip Link into White Box

4 - Hit Submit & Become Ninja

How to find & copy Twitch Clip Link?

There's a great article on twitch about clips, there's also a part in it related to sharing the clip (on social networks). There it tells you how to outwit the system and grab the link.. No, just kidding, it's not that hard really. No special wits required. If after reading that article you are still not sure what to do, here are 3 common situations and how to go about them.

Browser Address Bar

copy twitch clip link from browser address bar

If using browser, open the Clip you want to download; Right-Click on the address bar; in the menu select Copy.

Mobile: Tap & Hold address bar, select Copy.

Clip Share Button

copy twitch clip link using share button

Click the standard Twitch Share Button usually located bottom-right of the video; in the menu select Copy To Clipboard.

Mobile: in standard share screen find Copy to Clipboard.

Video Grid Menu

copy twitch clip link from global clips grid table

You can also get video link right from the grid: Right-Click on the video; in the menu select Copy Link Address.

Mobile: Tap & Hold on the video, select Copy.

How to convert Twitch Clips to mp3?

Yes, you have read this correctly. We are ninja-pioneers of twitch clips to mp3 conversion. Our website can actually convert your short twitch clip to mp3, so you can download the audio and put it as your phone ringtone.. Or maybe crazy friend yelling "dieeeeeee!!!" could become your alarm tone.. You know everything is possible these days, and imagination is really the only limit.. Use this audio wisely... Well, generally the process is very simple. After you have found the Clip Link and entered it into the box, clicked Submit and received the big red Download button, there will also be a less discrete Convert to Mp3 button. Hit that button, it will disappear just to come back bigger, stronger and greener (for some people it's more important)! Feel free to hit the big green button, it has its own process, please, be patient. Usually 30sec video will convert in about 5-10 seconds, resulting mp3 being HQ 256-320kbps bitrate. Only 1 click is enough, button will show converting indicator. MP3 download will start instantly upon completion of conversion.

About our Twitch Clip Downloader

If you were wondering, why in the world someone would need Twitch Clip Downloader, well, you are partially right.. Who'd need yet another one of those? Well, our site is different. It provides lightning fast service, 100% guaranteed download and twitch to mp3 converter on top of all that. Who are we? It's a long story, but to make it short: we are a group of friends who are also twitch lovers, including broadcasters and followers alike. We all come from a gaming site famous in the past and now gone thanks to all things social being on facebook and twitter and twitch for that matter.. And so we go live and all join up and play group events and most important of all we have incredible good fun times hanging out on twitch.. We are Nerds, I have told you that already.. LOL.

And along this gameplay and all this video streaming happening in many places at once, since we are a few hundred people with different interests, we miss out on lots of fun action, all these fun situations, great laughable moments and all.. Really, seriously, super best thanks to Twitch for bringing these clips into action!! No more do we have to remember times and tell each other to check out that video at this certain time(frame).. Clips are very extremely useful for that, so we help you download them. Some of them are even so that they deserve permanent place in my phone.. And my friends all thing so.. and now we have CLIP.NINJA, a joint effort of few group members with 1 aim: produce a nice fast reliable website to be the perfect Twitch Clip Downloader everyone needs and wants.

How to Download Twitch video

We have gone the distance and now there's a sister site that helps you untwitch... a video from twitch! Simply find twitch video link, same as clip link, bring it to Untwitch, paste link in the similar white box, click submit. Then you can select up to 1hr of the video, pick the video quality you like and download it! It will even convert short up to 20min twitch videos to mp3 format. Need a different hour? Just refresh the page! =) In any case, we vouch for this twitch video downloader, check it out! they good people 😎

Looking for a quick F.A.Q.?

Just some nerdy wordplay fun.. But to be serious, we've compiled a few questions that users are asking us, so here are the quick answers to those questions, and maybe no contact is needed after reading this?

Q: Why clip video doesn't download but begins to play?

A: Right-Click on video, select Save Link As from the menu.

You can also click on video menu in bottom right corner of video window-box, and in that menu pick Download Video option. On Android devices - tap on the video and hold your finger until menu pops up. Select Save Link from that menu...

Q: Why I can't see video link anywhere?

A: You are on an Apple device maybe? If not - keep looking..

On Apple devices, special system unlocking is required to even get video link in the browser. Just get android.. Well, what kind of a solution would that be? Get Android... That's not a solution.. But.. They say.. If you install Firefox app on Apple Iphone or Mac devices, it is easy to copy video link there. And even maybe download files without extra efforts..

Q: Is this service free?

A: Yes, it's free and will always be. It's made with love for the internet. And https secure access for peace of mind.